• “Cut the Rope” Digital Comic Series Hits iOS from Ape Entertainment and ZeptoLab

    Shazaam! Om Nom™, the loveable character from the award winning mobile game Cut the Rope™, is now a comic book hero! Millions of fans that play Cut the Rope have fallen in love with the cute green monster. Now, through the new comic series released this day in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, they will begin to learn more about Om Nom and his fascination for candy!

    According to Misha Lyalin, CEO of ZeptoLab, creators of the award winning Cut the Rope game, “The comic book is just the first step in broadening the reach of the Cut the Rope brand. Plush toys, apparel and accessories were recently released in the US. We are expanding all over the world and new items will be rolling out over the next several months.  On the licensing and merchandising side, we see tremendous opportunities to bring Om Nom into homes around the world.”

    Based on one of the most downloaded mobile games of all-time, the Cut the Rope No. 1 digital comic series begins in a quaint tiny town where opportunity sometimes knocks, but in thirteen-year-old Evan Coulton’s case, opportunity leaves a plain and uninteresting box on his doorstep. Of course, the surprise contents inside are anything but plain and uninteresting.

    Before Evan realizes what’s going on, both his kitchen and his life have been turned upside down by a tiny green monster with an endless appetite for sweets. Om Nom’s sugar levels leave him either high on energy or lazily collecting more candy, as he and Evan discover just how much they have in common. Fans can follow the adventures of Evan and Om Nom as trouble unfolds in one of the most anticipated new comic series today.

    ZeptoLab developed the digital comic series in conjunction with Ape Entertainment, who has a proven track record with comic book apps as demonstrated by the company’s success with the hugely popular Pocket God digital comic series.

    “With millions of fans around the world playing Cut the Rope, the new comic series provides the first glimpse into the story of Om Nom,” stated Semyon Voinov co-founder, ZeptoLab.

    “Ape Entertainment immediately shared our vision for extending the brand into the comic world. The result of their efforts is one of the most interesting examples of how to bring a video game to a new medium.”

    “The Cut the Rope digital comic series is much more than a pages to pixels app – it’s an experience that taps into the power of iOS and unleashes the world of Om Nom to fans across the globe,” stated David Hedgecock, CEO of Ape Entertainment. “We believe this is the exact direction that will satiate comic book fans’ appetite in the digital age, as well as offer a reason to continue coming back to the App Store and local comic shops.”

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    “Cut the Rope” Digital Comic Series Hits iOS from Ape Entertainment and ZeptoLab

  • Nokia Retires Ovi Contacts Website

    Nokia has decided to cut its last remaining ties to the Ovi brand name.

    The company, which not-so-long-ago re-named the Ovi Store the ‘Nokia Store’, announced in a blog post that it will be discontinuing the Ovi Contacts website.

    The N9 maker informed users that the website will cease to operate beginning January 24, 2012, revealing that contacts stored on phones will not be affected.

    “Contacts on your Nokia phone will not be affected, and you can continue syncing and backing up your data normally,” the company said.

    “In other words, you will still be able to use and back up your contacts on your Nokia phone: the only change will be that web access to your contacts on ovi.com will no longer be available,” it informed.

    Nokia stated that existing Ovi Contacts users will have six weeks to remove or export contacts stored online, but even after the deadline is up, they will be able to export their contacts to their PC at any time they want, they just will not be able to add new contacts. The company also advised users to export their Ovi Contacts to third party services like Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail or Apple Address Book.

    Nokia Retires Ovi Contacts Website

  • Sophos expands mobile security platform

    Sophos has released an update to its Mobile Control handset security platform.

    The company stated the Mobile Control 2.0 release would grant users and administrators to remotely manage Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices to secure devices and enforce management and compliance policies.

    “We comprehend that businesses are increasingly mobile and their workforce is adding an extra layer of complexity,” stated Matthias Pankert, Sophos vice president of mobile data protection product management.

    “With the enhancements within Sophos Mobile Control, we are aiming to streamline and simplify device and data protection, while giving employees the flexibility they want, and IT departments the protection they need.”

    Launched in May of this year, the Mobile Control platform is Sophos’ attempt to offer a management system for both company and customer-owned handsets and tablets. The platform grants management of multiple mobile platforms through a single web-based service.

    The 2.0 update will bring the addition of support for enterprise application stores. By launching an in-house store, companies can avoid the need to distribute their applications through public services such as the App Store.

    Additionally, the update will include a self-service portal which grants users to perform basic management tasks such as password resets and handset wipes without the need for support from IT staff.

    Administrators, meanwhile, will be given a new set of compliance and policy enforcement tools which can manage device access and flag potentially unsafe behaviour.

    Sophos expands mobile security platform

  • A Chance To Win One Giant Leap For iPhone

    A Chance To Win One Giant Leap For iPhone

    AppAdvice has teamed up with Asobu Games in order to offer you a chance to win one of five  promo codes for One Giant Leap ($0.99) for iPhone and iPod touch.

    Manned space missions appear to be a thing of the past, but you can still experience weightlessness and have fun while doing it to with One Giant Leap.

    One Giant Leap is a platform game where you get to control a jetpack-equipped space traveler on a mission to collect rare space gems on the moon. You’re main objective in each of the 10 space missions is to actually reach your rocket ship, but the more gems you collect on your way there, the better chance you have at earning a perfect three-star rating.

    Just tap the screen to engage your thrusters and fly over massive moon gaps. You only have a limited amount of fuel, but it will regenerate as long as you are running and not flying. You’ll also want to avoid space debris, alien ships, and flying out of the top of the screen. Collect power-ups like overshields to not only stop but also deflect anything coming your way.

    The game also includes a challenge mode that requires you to simply earn the highest score possible by collecting gems. One Giant Leap includes a set of 10 achievements as well, giving you yet another reason to keep coming back for more.

    To have a chance at winning one of two One Giant Leap promo codes, simply hit that blue tweet button near the bottom of this page or retweet this post from your favorite Twitter app before 11:59 PM PST tonight (Dec. 19). We will then search the Twitterverse for all of the retweets and randomly select our lucky winners. The winners will be notified via Twitter, so please be sure to follow us so we can send you your promo code via a direct message.

    Non-Twitter users and those of you who want to increase your odds of winning can simply leave a relevant comment below before 11:59 PM PDT tonight to have a chance at winning one of the other three promo codes.

    Feel free to participate in the giveaway via either or both methods. Only one entry per person per method is allowed, totaling up to two entries per person if using both.

    A Chance To Win One Giant Leap For iPhone

  • Nokia Lumia 800 also a bestseller on 3 UK


    Despite all kinds of analyst speculation of poor interest, the various retailer phone rankings all over Europe continue to indicate the Nokia Lumia 800 is selling very well.

    The latest is 3 UK’s on-line store, where, when the phones are ranked by “Bestseller rating” the Nokia Lumia 800 is ahead of the much cheaper HTC Wildfire S and also cheaper iPhone 4.

    While Windows Phones have never released sales numbers, it may help settle things for Nokia to finally release some solid figures.

    Site Admin and Windows Phone enthusiast, he has been using Windows Mobile devices since before they were called PocketPC’s. He is currently sporting a HTC 7 Trophy.

    Nokia Lumia 800 also a bestseller on 3 UK

  • WP必备:Device Manager v1.8公开测试版

      据介绍,Windows Phone Device Manager管理器应用基于Device Manager from Windows Mobile开发而来,添加了新的功能,能够为用户的Windows Phone手机通过PC提供一站式的服务,管理器整体共分为PC端和手机端。





      -发送到Windows Phone(一键发送文件,应用程序、铃声、网页链接);










      还有更多功能特性,这里就不多列举了。现在的最新1.8版本公开发行更新主要为第二代Windows Phone手机提供支持,包括HTC TItan和Samsung Focus S等,还修复了部分问题。虽然应用程序本身是免费的,但建议热衷Windows Phone的爱好者提供捐赠,支持项目发展。 

    WP必备:Device Manager v1.8公开测试版

  • PlayStation Vita gets global launch in Japan

    Technology giant Sony held the world launch of its next-generation PlayStation Vita handheld console in Japan on Saturday, as the company aims to take a bite out of the growing smartphone games market.

    Gaming fans in Japan, Sony’s home country, flocked to the shops to get their hands on the device, which costs between 25,000 yen and 30,000 yen (NZ$420 to $500).

    It features a five-inch (12-centimetre) LED touch screen, two cameras and a GPS receiver, and comes in Wi-Fi and 3G models.

    By mid-morning hundreds were queuing at stores in Tokyo’s Akihabara electronics district to purchase the PS Vita, which hit Japanese shops in time for the end-of-year festivities.

    It will be released in the United States and Europe in February 2012.

    ”It’s actually quite fun. The waiting, the excitement. Lots of people are getting together and sharing this moment, it’s a bit like a party,” stated Ken Iioka, who turned up at 5.30 am.

    Sony mounted a major promotional effort: stands displaying the device were set up in the streets, and shop interiors were decorated in the PS Vita’s wide range of bright colours.

    ”A number of the devices are already sold out, most customers had reserved them in advance,” one salesman in Akihabara said.

    ”The first customers are mostly men between 20 and 30 years of age,” he said, adding that the 20 games available to play on the PS Vita were also geared towards the same demographic.

    Nintendo’s Game Boy, released in 1989, led the handheld game market until the mid-2000s, when Sony’s PSP cut into its share.

    But the emergence of iPhone and Android games is threatening the existence of game-specific handheld devices.

    Nintendo launched its 3DS portable game console about 10 months ago and it is gaining popularity.

    ”I already have the previous PSP model and a Nintendo 3DS, but I wanted at all costs to have the PS Vita too,” stated one male in his thirties, who was queuing up to purchase a shopping basket full of accessories for his new gadget.

    ”It’s a bit overbearing but still very attractive,” another customer stated about the device, playing with it for the first time.

    But some came away empty-handed.

    ”I wanted to purchase it, despite the price, but I was too late to reserve one and apparently there is no chance today,” a disappointed customer said, playing on different device instead.

    ”I’ve got lots of games consoles because I love video games and not all games can be played on all models,” he added.

    ”Pre-orders are very strong,” Andrew House, head of Sony’s games unit, told Kyodo News and other media in Tokyo earlier in the week.

    Without giving precise figures he stated the company was aiming for sales of the PS Vita to far outstrip the 73 million PlayStation Portable units sold around the world since 2004.

    The PS Vita is between 10,000 and 15,000 yen more costly than the 3DS. House stated one key difference was the device’s compatibility with 3G networks.

    By Karyn Poupee

    PlayStation Vita gets global launch in Japan

  • iPhone Photography & Twitter

    As I’ve explored Utica and the surrounding areas, I’ve often picked up my phone to take a pic of something I see in my travels. Maybe I’m covering a faith assignment and see a lovely church door or I go to lunch at an interesting cafe and admire the colors on the walls. Sometimes these pics make it to my facebook or an album, but most often, you will only see them if you follow me on twitter:  @OD_KatDuncan

    People often ask me why I find twitter an interesting social medium. On twitter (unlike facebook) you do not just follow your friends and see what they are enjoying for lunch (come on, you know your friends post pics of their burritos and cheesecakes. Its true, I do it sometimes too.)

    What it’s really about, is following anyone in the world you find interesting. I follow some of my favorite authors on twitter like Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Carroll, Margaret Atwood, and Ray Bradbury. Their tweets let me see a peek of their daily lives and personalities. I get to see when they are writing a new chapter in a book I’m eagerly awaiting or when they happen to be talking at a local bookstore in my area. I follow NASA Astronauts on twitter to see the pics and experiences they tweet from space. They even have twitter games where you can guess what part of the earth they are photographing that day.

    Twitter is not about reading that someone is drinking a coke or complaining about their job, its about connecting with people based purely on common interests. I follow professionals across the continents. In one day I might get to see what a famous cook is making in a 5 star restaurant in New York, what crop a famer is gathering in a small town in Kansas and maybe what a National Geographic photographer is taking pics of in Africa.

    This is what makes twitter amazing. It opens up a uniquely personal view of the world, and all you have to do, is follow.

    iPhone Photography & Twitter

  • Another soldier bites dust, Ovi Contacts to be buried next month

    Well Well. Nokia has been consistent in so many things, as opposed to the blogosphere view. It has been consistent in delaying products, delaying updates, killing brands and what not.

    After killing the Ovi Brand, Nokia has decided to murder Ovi Contacts.

    According to Nokia Conversations

    GLOBAL – We will be discontinuing access to the Ovi Contacts website as of January 24, 2012. Contacts on your Nokia phone will not be affected, and you can continue syncing and backing up your data normally. In other words, you’ll still be able to use and back up your contacts on your Nokia phone: the only change will be that web access to your contacts on ovi.com will no longer be available.

    We comprehend this is an inconvenience, but we are committed to helping you access your contacts whenever you need to, so you’ll be able to continue using the contacts on your device as normal.

    First, if you are an Ovi Contacts user, you will have six weeks before the web service will be discontinued. But even after that date, you will still be able to easily export your synced Contacts data to a PC at any time.

    Second, if you would like to continue using a web-based contacts service, here are the steps you need to follow so you can export your contacts to alternative services like Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail or Apple Address Book (Lion OS):

    Save the file to your local drive (take a note of the folder you put it in). Click on the file to review and access your data file Your contact data is in .csv format. Once you have selected an alternate contact service, follow their import instructions. When you asked to choose a file for import, choose to your Ovi Contact data file. Further information on this transition is available on our support pages. 

    Why this change? This was a business decision to help us focusing on our core service offerings with the new business unit Location & Commerce, established in July 2011 at the center of our revised services strategy. Thank you for using Ovi Contacts on the web. We look forward to bringing you new and exciting services from Nokia in the future so check back here periodically for more news. And feel free to provide your feedback on what you would like to see from Nokia in the comments below.

    Like many innocent people who were fooled by the false promises of Nokia, I too made the mistake of adopting Ovi brand as my primary contact. I now realize what a blunder I had made by ditching Google and trusting Nokia.

    I am now nearly back to Google, but there are still hundreds of people who have my previous contact info.

    Dear Nokia, if you kill the Ovi mail too (which is pretty imminent since Yahoo is in the grave) a lot of my friends would be very unhappy. There is nothing more heartbreaking in this world than a fan boy who is ditched by his idol.

    But I am pretty sure Nokia will continue trading the path of it’s ultimate downfall – Just like Palm.

    Nokia peddles Ovi Chat to Ovi Contacts usersOvi Contacts updatedUS teens send 3339 SMS per monthCarbide 1.3 updatedMore than 100 million people use Opera™ each month on their mobile phones.

    Another soldier bites dust, Ovi Contacts to be buried next month

  • Nielsen:2011年Q3全球移动互联网媒体报告

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