• Geek deals: Dell Optiplex quad-core desktop with two LED monitors for $729

    It’s rare to find a quad-core processor in a machine for less than a grand, let alone a bundle that includes not one, but two LED monitors thrown into the mix. This deal on a Dell Optiplex 790 desktop and two LED monitors is that bundle. The Dell Optiplex 790 may not be the most […]

    Geek deals: Dell Optiplex quad-core desktop with two LED monitors for $729

  • Whole Foods developing Kinect-driven shopping cart

    If you fall into the category of people that think shopping is the worst kind of chore, you may want to check out the video above. It shows the progress of a three-week old project involving grocer Whole Foods and Austin-based studio Chaotic Moon to develop a Kinect controlled smart shopping cart. The goal is […]

    Whole Foods developing Kinect-driven shopping cart

  • This amazing concept video is more iPad 7 than iPad 3

    It isn’t too tricky to nail down near-term changes in smartphones and tablets. Faster processors, faster wireless, higher resolution displays, bigger batteries, updated software… there is a fairly short list of predictable upgrades. When you start looking at several years down the road, though, the advances get a bit trickier to nail down. We’ve grown […]

    This amazing concept video is more iPad 7 than iPad 3

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation looks stunning after remaster for Blu-ray

    Star Trek: The Next Generation fans must have been jumping for joy back when the series boxsets got announced for release on DVD. A nice, crisp digital copy of each series was what a show of that caliber deserved. But that’s not exactly what we got. The DVD versions were put together from the taped […]

    Star Trek: The Next Generation looks stunning after remaster for Blu-ray

  • A Chance To Win The Name For iPhone And iPad

    A Chance To Win The Name For iPhone And iPad

    AppAdvice has teamed up with CrazyTeaBag in order to offer you a chance to win one of 10 promo codes for The Name ($0.99) for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

    Discover and share the origin, meaning, and a variety of other details regarding your name with this enlightening app.

    The Name includes a library of over 15,000 names, so even if your parents slapped you with a rather obscure one, you should be able to track it down. The app allows you to search for specific names, browse through alphabetical lists, or filter names by gender and origin.

    What's your sign?

    Once you have found the one you’re looking for, simply tap on it to bring up all kinds of additional information. Names can be marked as favorites for quick access, and can be shared via Facebook or email.

    The Name is also loaded with all kinds of other interesting tidbits to keep you busy and informed, some of which include a list of the most popular names, a collection of mythical names, a horoscope, gemstone and color analysis, and a general breakdown of name origins.

    To have a chance at winning one of three The Name promo codes, simply hit that blue tweet button near the bottom of this page or retweet this post from your favorite Twitter app before 11:59 p.m. PST tonight (Feb. 29). We will then search the Twitterverse for all of the retweets and randomly choose our lucky winners. The winners will be notified via Twitter, so please be sure to follow us so we can send you your promo code via a direct message.

    Non-Twitter users and those of you who want to increase your odds of winning can simply leave a relevant comment below before 11:59 p.m. PST tonight to have a chance at winning one of the other seven promo codes.

    Feel free to participate in the giveaway via either or both methods. Only one entry per person per method is allowed, totaling up to two entries per person if using both.

  • Developer Relays Story Of App Store Scammer Email From China

    Developer Relays Story Of App Store Scammer Email From China

    Do you want your app to rocket to the Top 10 list in the App Store? For just a “small” fee, apparently you can.

    Gedeon Maheux, co-founder of the Iconfactory, an iOS developer most known for its Twitterific client for the social networking site, relayed an interesting message one of the developer’s webmasters received from an email address in China.

    According to Maheux’s personal blog, the email sender promised to use “legally” registered iTunes accounts to help boost any app into the Top 10.

    The price? A mere $10,000. The more you pay, the longer the app will stay in the Top 10 list, according to the email.

    Maheux says Apple needs to rework the entire App Store Top 10 list:

    The problem of scam apps seems like a relatively easy one to solve compared to this sort of App Store gaming. Apple should simply do a better job identifying and rejecting offending scam apps at the review level. But with enough legitimate iTunes accounts there’s no real way for Apple to identify “fake” downloads from real downloads and keep bogus apps from rising to the top. Perhaps if it happens often enough Apple can develop algorithms to help identify offending accounts and close them, but I’m skeptical. It seems clear that a re-work of the entire top ten system is in order, and not just because of the recent rash of scamming.

    Maheux also said he is hopeful that Apple’s recent acquisition of app search search engine Chomp will help stop scammers like these in their tracks.

    We’ve been devoting a lot of time recently to the rash of App Store fakes and scams. The issue reached a fever pitch when a pair of scam Pokemon apps climbed to the Top 10 list earlier this month, only to be pulled by Apple a few days later.

    My colleague Lory Gil recently relayed an interesting experience dealing with the fake app phenomenon that is plaguing the App Store.

    And if you don’t want to be fooled, please read Christine Chan’s great article on exactly how to avoid app scams. Boiled down, just do your research before you click that buy button.

    (Image via fronttowardsgamer.com)

    Developer Relays Story Of App Store Scammer Email From China

  • Free-to-play Microsoft Flight released

    Microsoft Flight Simulator came to an end in January 2009 when Microsoft closed the ACES Studio. Flight sim fans were understandably upset about losing what was a great gaming series. But in August 2010, it was announced that Microsoft Flight Simulator was making a return under the new name of Microsoft Flight. The name change […]

    Free-to-play Microsoft Flight released

  • Apple Rejects Author’s Book Because Of Links To Amazon

    Apple Rejects Author’s Book Because Of Links To Amazon

    Author Seth Godin has an interesting article detailing how Apple rejected one of his works because (horror) there are links in the bibliography for books on sale at Amazon.com.

    Godin submitted his manifesto “Stop Selling Dreams” to Apple’s iBookstore for purchase. But he received a rejection notice specifically stating the book was rejected because of the links to purchase books from Amazon’s store:

    And there’s the conflict. We’re heading to a world where there are just a handful of influential bookstores (Amazon, Apple, Nook…) and one by one, the principles of open access are disappearing. Apple, apparently, won’t carry an ebook that contains a link to buy a hardcover book from Amazon.

    That’s amazing to me. It must be a mistake, right?

    Godin, who has authored 12 books, goes on to argue that the major online bookstores should let people read anything – as long as it’s legal. He compares the Apple rejection to YouTube blocking videos that promote Vimeo or Bing refusing to link to Google Docs:

    There’s been a long history of ubiquity at the bookstore. With a few extreme exceptions, just about every book is available at every bookstore if you’re willing to order it. Universal availability feels like part of the contract we make with bookstores–we expect them to sell everything. In the digital world, this goes triple, because there’s no issue of shelf space to deal with.

    Is Apple right to not carry Godin’s book? Is this any different than Apple forcing Amazon’s Kindle app to follow the in-app subscription and purchasing policy? Or are books different than apps?

    Apple Rejects Author’s Book Because Of Links To Amazon

  • Withings Smart Baby Monitor And App Arrives In US

    Withings Smart Baby Monitor And App Arrives In US

    Today, French technology company Withings announced the US availability of its Smart Baby Monitor for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. The Withings Smart Baby Monitor works with a free app, WithBaby, which offers parents a new way to monitor and interact with their children.

    Available now for $299, the monitor and app offers parents piece of mind by offering important information on their child’s environment, allowing them to interact with their child remotely and easily. The device does so by detecting sound, movement temperature and humidity levels.

    WithBaby app

    WithBaby app

    Interactively, parents can interact with their infant by speaking through the phone to the monitor. They can also turn lullabies and a nightlight on/off.

    Looking like a cross between a music box and an iMac mini, the Smart Baby Monitor video capabilities include:

    • 3 megapixel high definition video sensor (2048 x 1536 pixels)
    • Intuitive camera angle adjustment and zoom x 4 via virtual PTZ
    • Wide angle shot (90° horizontally, 120° diagonally)
    • LED infrared night vision up to 5 metres with automatic activation system
    • H264 encoding: resolution 512*384, adaptive bandwidth

    Take a look:

    The WithBaby app includes:

    • Watch over baby in exceptional conditions on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
    • High-resolution video, motion free and intuitive Pan Tilt Zoom, night vision
    • Crystal clear sound
    • Ability to talk to baby, play lullabies or turn on the multicolor night light
    • Monitor noises, motion, temperature and humidity in baby’s room
    • Capacity to set alarms to designated parameters of noise level, motion, temperature and humidity
    • Enjoy an unlimited range: watch over baby at home, on the road or from work
    • Alert logs to monitor and improve baby’s room conditions
    • Simple and intuitive connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet cable

    The Smart Baby Monitor is now available from Withings.com for $299. The free WithBaby application is available now from the Apple App Store.

    Withings Smart Baby Monitor And App Arrives In US

  • Hooked Mobile HD Speeds Up The Game Of Poker To Super Fast

    Hooked Mobile HD Speeds Up The Game Of Poker To Super Fast

    Hooked Mobile HD by RockYou, Inc. icon

    Hooked Mobile HD (Free) by RockYou, Inc. is a card game for the iPad where time is of the essence. See how many hands you can get in only 60 seconds. Use your winnings to unlock more levels.

    Hooked Mobile HD by RockYou, Inc. screenshot

    Using the basic rules of poker, players must pick from a selection of floating fish cards and build as many five-card hands as possible in 60 seconds. When time is up, a shark swims up and chases the card fish away.

    The rules are not exactly like poker, players earn points for things like, hands with one of each different colored card fish or hands with cards that are all the same color. Straights and full houses earn extra points when the cards are all the same color, or each a different color.

    Players can change the selection of card fish they have to choose from by tapping the electric eel. The current school of fish will swim away and a whole new set will swim in. Be careful of how often you use the eel, though. It costs one pearl every time you use it, and pearls aren’t easy to come by.

    There are also bonus fish and sea floor items that increase the point score and add tickets and pearls. Tickets are used to unlock new levels and pearls are used to activate the electric eel. At the end of each 60-second round, there is a bonus game where players spin the wheel to earn additional tickets and pearls.

    This game is so fun and addictive that it is surprising that it is free. There are no in-app purchases and no levels to unlock for real money. It is truly free.

    It is probably a good thing that this game is free, because it is not perfect. For one thing, there is no explanation as to what coins, tickets and pearls actually do. There is no guide to unlocking new levels. It would be good to see an update that includes this additional information.

    Another problem with this game is the point calculation. It really doesn’t work well. For example, I would earn pearls that wouldn’t show up in the next round. Sometimes, I would start a round with 14 pearls and, even though I didn’t use the electric eel, I would suddenly only have four of them.

    Since the game is free, it isn’t a big deal that the scoring doesn’t work properly, but it is frustrating when pearls are important for using the electric eel feature and you can’t get the them to stay put.

    Even though there are a couple of minor issues, this game is totally worth the download. It is free and fun. Players will have a blast trying to outdo their highest score. How many hands can you make in 60 seconds?

    Hooked Mobile HD Speeds Up The Game Of Poker To Super Fast