A Chance To Win Dance Fever For iPhone

AppAdvice has teamed up with Digital Kickers, our latest AppAdvice Daily podcast sponsor, in order to offer you a chance to win a copy of Dance Fever ($0.99) for iPhone and iPod touch.

Hit the dance floor in 16 different locations and show off your moves in Digital Kicker’s brand new rhythm game, Dance Fever.

While the music is thumping, you need to keep an eye out for three different items in order to perform your awesome dance moves: blue swipe icons, red tap icons, and yellow note icons. The blue and red icons stream from the middle of the screen towards each side, and you must either swipe or tap the screen before they disappear. As you string together combos, your fever meter will begin to fill up. When it’s full, yellow note icons will burst onto the scene. Tap as many as you can to earn bonus points.

A lot can be going on at once, so you’re going to need to pay close attention to the action and be quick about your moves. Otherwise you’re just going to embarrass yourself.

Play that funky music!

As you tear up the dance floor, you’ll be rewarded with experience points. Keep on dancing to unlock new songs, new locations, and new dancers. The game includes a total of four dancers, 48 stages and indie songs to groove to, more than 30 dance moves, and achievements and leaderboards via Game Center.

To have a chance at winning one of two Dance Fever promo codes, simply retweet this article before 11:59 p.m. PDT tonight (July 5). We will then search the Twitterverse for all of the retweets and randomly choose our lucky winners. The winners will be notified via Twitter, so please be sure to follow us so we can send you your promo code via a direct message.

Non-Twitter users and those of you who want to increase your odds of winning can leave a relevant comment below before 11:59 p.m. PDT tonight to have a chance at winning one of the other three promo codes.

Feel free to participate in the giveaway via either or both methods. Only one entry per person per method is allowed, totaling up to two entries per person if using both. Good luck!