Product Review: Seidio’s Desktop Charging Cradle Keeps Your iPhone Safe And Steady

Admittedly, iPhone docking cradles aren’t exactly the world’s most sexy accessory. But, if you’re in the market for one, a new option from Seidio has some unique features.

The company’s Desktop Charging Cradle is designed to work with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. What sets it apart from other cradles is its wide compatibility with cases.

Thanks to a removable plate, Seidio says the dock can be used with the company’s series of SURFACE and ACTIVE cases. But even if you don’t want to use those specific models, your case probably has a pretty good chance of fitting.

While testing, I tried my large stash of iPhone cases, and most (except for the ultra-rugged variety like this one) worked just fine. And that should definitely make it more appealing for shoppers.

You can also use the dock with a caseless iPhone by inserting the plate for a snug, safe fit.

Instead of the white look of Apple’s dock, Seidio’s version is all black with a soft-touch coating to help resist fingerprints, dirt, and grime.

Included is a 3.5-foot micro-USB cord that can be attached to a computer or a wall-outlet charger.

And understanding that many people use their cradles as a bedside alarm clock, the power LED is located on the back of the unit, which is a nice touch.

The cradle retails for $29.95 on Seidio’s website, but can be purchased for as low as $26.96 on Amazon. A version that includes a travel charger costs $39.99.

While the solution is a little less expensive then Apple’s version, it’s still somewhat pricier than the wealth of no-name cradles available on Amazon and eBay. But the ability to work with thinner cases does help it stand out. At least until the next-generation iPhone comes out with a smaller-sized dock connector.